Inverted /Single molecule imaging (PALM / STORM) microscope.

The Roper iLas 2 instrument provides a full 360º TIRF illumination for an even plane of excitation ideal for single molecule imaging and particle tracking in live cells.

For more information on these techniques and to request training please use the PPMS booking system.

Features Include:

  • Fully motorised X-Y-Z stage
  • Evolve Delta EMCCD for rapid Single Molecule Imaging (62.5 fps @ 512×512 20MHz)
  • Piezo Z-drive and Nikon perfect focus system
  • iLas2 doube laser illumination –
  • Azimuthal spinning averages TIRF polarization effects and makes a complete TIRF image
  • No interference fringes and shadows
  • Same penetration depth for different wavelengths in time sharing mode
  • Wiefield or oblique illumination using angles below the critical TIRF angle


  • Air: 10x (0.45 NA)
  • Oil: 100x 1.49 NA for single molecule imaging

Fluorescent Filter Sets:

  • Dual Green-Red filter (allows viewing of 488 and 560 emitting fluorophores together)
  • QUAD filter (simultaneous blue, green, red and far-red)


  • 405nm 100mW Vortran
  • 491nm 150mW Cobolt Calypso
  • 561nm 150mW Cobolt Jive
  • 642nm 100mW Vortran

Laser Power:

Measurement at BFP with 100x

  • 405nm (3.61 mW),
  • 491nm (4.1 mW),
  • 561nm (19.9 mW),
  • 642nm (9.8 mW)

User guide here.