Students play a vital role in research efforts at QBI. Students enrolled at the Institute come from a diversity of countries, including Canada, China, Germany, Iran, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Bangladesh.

PhD students enrolled at QBI are eligible to receive:

  • $5000 top-up scholarship
  • $3,500 travel allowance
  • Computer with appropriate software and internet access
  • Photocopying and scanning facilities.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

A PhD is one of the highest degrees that can be awarded. It is an advanced academic qualification seen as a requirement for the majority of academic and research positions in a wide range of fields and industries. The aim of the PhD is to foster the development of independent research skills. These skills include the capacity to formulate a specific problem, to develop mastery of appropriate conceptual and methodological skills, and to relate the research topic to a broader framework of knowledge in a relevant disciplinary area.

Essential information about the PhD program including entry requirements, duration, and assessment is available at the UQ Graduate School website.

How to apply

To express your interest to undertake a PhD at QBI, please do the following:

  1. Visit the UQ Graduate School website to review information about the PhD program including entry requirements, application procedures, and scholarship information and deadlines. 
  2. If you believe that you meet the PhD entry requirements, review the Research Groups information to find the lab with the research program of greatest interest to you. Once identified, email the Group Leader directly to discuss the possibility of completing your PhD in their lab. In your email, include the following:
    1. Academic CV with hyperlinks to your published work, and the Impact Factor of the journal if relevant
    2. Academic transcripts for all tertiary level study showing a list of courses, grades achieved, and the grading system used at the institution of study
    3. Information on how you would meet UQ’s English language proficiency requirement
  3. After you have received confirmation from a Group Leader agreeing to be your proposed Principal Advisor, you and/or the Group Leader should email the QBI Student Office at to confirm that they are able to support your application. The Student Office will send you detailed information and instructions to help you apply via the UQ Graduate School website.

When the QBI Student Office receives your online application, they will request referee reports from your listed referees via the online application system. They will also check your application documents; if they require any further information or documents they will send you a request via the online application system.

Applications are considered complete when we have received both referee reports and any extra documents or information that we requested. If your complete application is supported by the proposed Principal Advisor, and the QBI Research Higher Degree Committee, a School Recommendation Form will be prepared at QBI. A detailed project description will also be completed at this time; the proposed Principal Advisor will liaise with you about your project. 

When the School Recommendation is finalised, your complete application will be forwarded to the UQ Graduate School for formal assessment. The QBI Student Office will notify you when this has been done and your application will change to ‘in process’ in the online application system.

From this point forward, the UQ Graduate School admissions team will communicate with you via the online application system and your assessment outcome will be sent via this system as well. Applicants must be assessed as ‘eligible for admission and scholarship’ to be considered in the next available UQ scholarship round.

Current PhD Position/Scholarships

PhD Student Positions in Neuroscience at QBI

Complete your neuroscience PhD at QBI, one of the world’s leading neuroscience research institutes.

QBI is seeking exceptional and highly motivated PhD candidates to undertake full-time neuroscience research, and we invite expressions of interest from interested persons to apply for PhD positions at the Institute.

Expressions of interest are invited from outstanding and enthusiastic Australian and international candidates.

Candidates will have a First Class Honours degree (or equivalent) in one of the following areas: neuroscience, molecular biology, bioscience, psychology, genetics, physical sciences, engineering, mathematics, or a related discipline; and be eligible for UQ scholarship consideration.

QBI is looking for candidates who can demonstrate:

  • excellent academic performance during tertiary study evidenced by a high Grade Point Average(GPA);
  • a high level of commitment to developing their skills as a researcher to conduct high quality neuroscience research;
  • they are excellent team players; and
  • possession of strong communication skills.

Previous research publication output in peer reviewed international journals is highly desirable.

Applicants must fulfil the PhD admission criteria for The University of Queensland, including English Language Proficiencey (ELP) requirements, and demonstrate excellent capacity and potential for research.  For further information on the entry requirements for a UQ research higher degree, please visit the UQ Graduate School website.  Successful applicants must accept and commence within 6 months of receiving an award.

Selected prospective students will receive assistance to apply for University living allowance and tuition fee scholarships.  The current living allowance rate is AUD$26,682 per annum (2017 rate, indexed annually) tax-free for three years plus two possible extensions of up to 6 months each in approved circumstances (conditions apply). A top-up scholarship (AUD$5,000 per annum) may be available to the successful candidate. For further detailed information about UQ scholarships refer to:

Please review the research areas, and available PhD project information, for QBI Group Leaders and make direct contact with a Group Leader working in an area of greatest interest to you.  When emailing your chosen Group Leader, provide your detailed academic resume (including publications and links to published articles in peer reviewed journals), and complete tertiary academic records (including GPA scores/grades, and grading scale details).  The Group Leader will work with you to develop your application for submission to QBI.

Expression of Interest closing date: 25 June 2017