Upright fluorescent microscope fitted with both ORCA and colour cameras. Suited for fluorescence and bright field imaging of fixed samples on slides.

Features Include:

  • Fully motorised X-Y-Z stage
  • Z-stacks


  • Air:
    • 5x 0.16 NA / 18.5mm WD
    • 10x  0.3 NA / 5.2mm WD
    • 20x 0.8 NA / 0.55mm WD
    • 40x 0.75 NA / 0.71mm WD
    • 63x 0.75 / 1.7mm WD
  • Oil:
    • 63x 1.4 NA / 0.19mm WD

Fluorescent Filter Sets For:

  • DAPI (FS#49) BP335-383/BS395/BP 420-470
  • GFP / Alexa 488 (FS#44) BP455-495/BS500/BP505-555
  • Cy3 / Alexa 546/555/568 (FS#43)  BP533-558/BS570/BP570-640
  • mCherry / Alexa 594 (FS#62HE) BP567-602/BS610/LP615

Fluorescent Illumination:

  • CoolLED


When including this microscope in your methods:

"The facility's Stereology Microscope (MicroBrightField Bioscience, USA) is built around a Zeiss Axio Imager.Z2 upright microscope body (Carl Zeiss, Inc., USA) running Stereo Investigator (version 2017.03.3; MicroBrightField Bioscience) with an ORCA-R2 digital charge-coupled device camera (Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., Japan) for fluorescence imaging and a Retiga 2000R digital camera (Teledyne QImaging, USA) for bright-field imaging."

* You should also add the objective lens you used; if it's the 20x, it will be the Zeiss Plan-ApoChromat 20x/0.8 NA air objective.


Stereology Microscope Guide here.