Upright fluorescence slide scanner. Ideal for imaging large numbers of tissue sections.


Metafer VSlide Scanner by MetaSystems using Zeiss Axio Imager Z2.

Company website: http://www.metasystems-international.com/metafer/vslide

Features Include:

  • Fully motorised X-Y-Z stage
  • Z-stacks
  • Tiled imaging
  • Automated image capture experiments. Locates tissue with 5x objective, determines area to be scanned autonomously and generates focus map. Manual placement of focus points is not necessary.
  • Automated robotic arm for loading slides – up to 80 slides per run.



  • 2.5x 0.075NA / 9.5mm,
  • 5x 0.15 NA / 13.6mm,
  • 10x 0.3 NA / 5.5mm,
  • 20x 0.8 NA / 0.55mm

Fluorescence Filter Sets (for checking sample with oculars):

  • DAPI
  • GFP / Alexa 488 (530/50)
  • Cy3 / Alexa 546/555/568 (620/60)
  • Cy5 / Alexa 633/64

Images produced by this scanner are full-resolution and uncompressed.

Please see the example movies and images below:

Example of triple labelled 50 µm mouse brain sections (Ilan Gobius – Richards Lab)




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