UQ undergraduate and postgraduate (by coursework) students: research project opportunities at QBI

Although QBI does not offer courses directly, the Institute provides UQ undergraduate and master’s (by coursework) students an opportunity to gain research experience by undertaking a semester or two of project work with us through enrolment with collaborating UQ teaching schools.

Some examples of study programs and courses that involve research include:

How to enquire/apply

You review QBI Research Groups information to find a lab that is undertaking research of greatest interest to you.

You email the QBI lab group leader to introduce yourself and convince them to support you for research project work under their supervision.  When making contact, remember to attach your current CV, academic transcript from SI-Net, and a copy of the relevant UQ detailed course outline.

The QBI lab head reviews your request and makes contact with you (further information may be requested and /or a face-to-face meeting).

If the QBI lab head declines to support your enquiry, the process ends here unless you can find another QBI lab head who is willing to consider your request.

If a QBI lab head agrees to support your enquiry, discuss and agree on a suitable research project and timelines (in accordance with the UQ academic timetable).

Complete your UQ teaching school’s research project application form if this is required.

Either you or the supporting QBI lab head contacts QBI Collaborators Liaison (collaborators@qbi.uq.edu.au) to obtain the QBI access application paperwork.  Collaborators Liaison emails you (and a copy to your proposed supervisor) with the application paperwork, and information / instructions to assist you for completion for QBI Executive consideration and decision. Students approved to undertake project work based at QBI must complete OHS training prior to commencing project work (and to also obtain building access), and a Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Deed.