An inverted spinning disk confocal microscope utilizing Spectral Applied Research’s Diskovery spinning disk module designed for both high-resolution and tissue imaging.

The Diskovery module runs on a Nikon TiE body and is controlled by Nikon NIS software.

This microscope is equipped with several high-end objectives suitable for imaging live cells and model organisms as well as fixed cells and tissues.


  • Equipped with Diskovery disk head.
  • 2x Zyla 4.2 sCMOS cameras enabling dual channel simultaneous imaging, fast capture of large mosaic images and high-sensitivity high dynamic range imaging.
  • TIRF imaging capability
  • 500µm wide range piezo z-drive and Nikon perfect focus for rapid z-stack capture and focus stabilisation.



  • CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda 10x / N.A. 0.45 / W.D. 4.0mm
  • CFI Plan Apochromat VC 20x / N.A. 0.75 / W.D. 1.00mm


  • CFI Apo Lambda S LWD 40XWI / N.A. 1.15 / W.D. 0.60mm


  • CFI Apo Lambda 60x Oil / N.A. 1.4 / W.D. 0.13mm
  • CFI Plan Apo Lambda 100x Oil / N.A. 1.45 / W.D. 0.13mm
  • CFI Apochromat TIRF 60xH / N.A. 1.49 / W.D. 0.13mm



  • 405nm488nm, 561nm, 640nm

Laser Power (Measurement at 10x (in mW)):

  • 405nm (0.49mW)
  • 488nm (1.63mW)
  • 561nm (1.94mW)
  • 640nm (1.65mW)


The Diskovery spinning disk confocal microscope has the Warner Instruments VCS-6 perfusion system, a computer-controlled valve control system that allows users to automate and control the delivery of solutions to imaging and recording chambers. For more information on the VCS-6, please visit the Warner Instruments page at:

We use the VCS-6 perfusion system with the Warner Instruments DH-35iL culture dish incubator designed for glass-bottomed 35-mm dishes:


The Warner Instruments VCS-6 perfusion system on the Diskovery spinning disk confocal microscope


To cite use of the Diskovery in a paper please refer to the following suggestion (and adjust the objectives used as necessary):

Fluorescence immuno-labelling in cells and tissue was visualised and imaged using a Nikon Plan Apochromat 20x/0.75 NA air objective and a Plan Apo Lambda 60x/1.4 NA oil-immersion objective on a spinning disk confocal microscope (Diskovery; Andor Technology, UK) built around a Nikon Ti-E body (Nikon Corporation, Japan) and equipped with two Zyla 4.2 sCMOS cameras (Andor Technology) and controlled by Nikon NIS software.

Diskovery Spinning Disk User Guide