QBI's custom-built cleared-tissue scanned light-sheet microscope uses scanning galvo mirrors (Cambridge Technology) to create excitation light sheets entering the sample from two opposite sides for double-sided illumination. These are focused using two Olympus 5x/0.1 NA objective lenses with a working distance of 23 mm. The fluorescence signal is detected orthogonally from the light-sheet plane by an 82 % QE pco.edge 4.2 sCMOS camera with Camera Link using the LaVision Biotec 12x/0.53 NA 8.5 mm WD MI PLAN objective for aqueous buffers (n=1.33-1.41), with dipping caps for DBE/BABB/DISCO/ECi (n=1.49-1.57, 10 mm WD) and CLARITY/CUBIC/ScaleS (n=1.42-1.48, 10.9 mm WD). Hardware integration is achieved by using custom-written LabVIEW software. Single-photon light-sheet illumination made possible by the incorporation of Coherent OBIS 488 nm, 561 nm and 640 nm lasers. Applications include volumetric imaging of cleared whole brains and organoids.

  • 82 % QE pco.edge 4.2 sCMOS camer for excellent sensitivity and low noise imaging
  • LaVision Biotec 12x/0.53 NA 8.5 mm WD MI PLAN objective



  • LaVision Biotec 12x MultiImmersion / 0.53 NA / 8.5-10.9 mm WD / RI 1.33-1.57
  • Olympus 10x MultiImmersion / 0.6 NA / 8 mm WD / RI 1.33-1.52

Fluorescent Filter Sets For:

  • GFP / Alexa 488 / BP500-550
  • Cy3 / Alexa 555/568 / BP570-640
  • Cy5 / Alexa 647 / BP665-715


  • 488nm, 561nm, 640nm 1-photon OBIS lasers


Lightsheet Microscope Guide


Cleared brains imaged on QBI's Lightsheet Fluorescence Microscope


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