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QBI's research works to unlock the mysteries of the brain to to generate new knowledge, understand learning and memory, develop new technologies to improve lives, and diagnose and treat brain disease and mental health. Ultimately, we aim to improve the lives of those affected by neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders. Help us make a difference.

Areas of research you can support

If you would like to give to a QBI fund that is not listed below please go to the UQ Giving website  – start typing in the text field and select ‘I want to specify where my donation goes’ and write the specific area of research that you would like to support. Thank you.  

Brain Research Endowment Fund

This fund provides financial backing for early stage, curiosity-driven research to solve major health issues





Concussion Research

Globally, over 42 million concussions occur each year, making up 70% — 90% of all traumatic brain injuries. Support our researchers in spearheading ground-breaking research into diagnosing and treating concussion.


Support our researchers to drive treatments and interventions for dementia through understanding what goes wrong in the brain and translating these discoveries into real world impacts.


Mental Health Research

Our scientists focus on research to unravel the neurological foundation of a range of mental health disorders, from depression to addiction


Motor Neurone Disease Research

Your support will continue vital research into motor neurone disease and its devastating impact


Parkinson's Research 

Donate to help our scientists and clinicians progress their research to find solutions for people living with neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's and OCD


Ross Maclean MND Senior Fellowship

Funds a fellowship dedicated to fundamental research of the underlying neurological factors behind MND.



Your support will help fund vital research into how we can improve recovery following stroke.


The Bartlett Fellowship

The Bartlett Fellowship funds a fellowship for an early career researcher at QBI


“Scientists at QBI aren’t just about finding ways to fix brain disorders at a disease level because you can’t repair a damaged brain unless you know how it works in the first place. This approach really appealed to my sense of logic. I saw QBI as the research institute that could find answers, so I decided that this was something I really wanted to get behind.”  

– Jeff Maclean, QBI Supporter and Chair of the QBI Advisory Board

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The impact of giving

  • Recognising stroke and motor neuron disease (MND) had only limited treatment options and no cures prompted Lyn and Bobbie Brazil to establish the Brazil Family Program for Neurology in 2017.
  • In April 2023, the McCusker Charitable Foundation made a generous philanthropic gift of $1 million to the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) to support multiple activities in the dementia space and RNA therapies.
  • Generous UQ donors, Alan and Wendy Grummitt, grew up in a world where life was always a bit of a struggle, facing the challenge in their early lives of making ends meet. But when their many years of hard work and dedication brought them good fortune, the couple knew they had a responsibility to help ease the burden on others.


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