• Anggono

    Synaptic neurobiology
  • Balbi

    Neuromodulation and homeostatic processes
  • Bartlett

    Neurogenic regulation of cognition
  • Bredy

    Cognitive neuroepigenetics
  • Burne

    Developmental neurobiology
  • Chuang

    Functional and molecular neuroimaging
  • Cooper

    Neural migration
  • Coulson

    Nerve cell survival
  • Dickson

    Locomotor circuits in Drosophila
  • Durisic

    Research Fellow
  • Eyles

  • Faulkner

    Computational and molecular biology
  • Goodhill

    Computational, systems and developmental neuroscience
  • Götz

    Ageing dementia and therapeutic ultrasound
  • Hilliard

    Molecular and cellular neurobiology
  • Hu

    Neurotransmitter release
  • Jhaveri

    Cellular regulation of stress and depression
  • Li

    Neural circuit and behaviour
  • Marshall

    Sensory neurobiology
  • Mattingley

    Cognitive neuroscience
  • McGrath

    Epidemiology and clinical trials
  • Meunier

    Single molecule neuroscience laboratory
  • Mowry

    Psychiatric genomics
  • Nasrallah

    Functional neuroimaging and brain injury
  • Nestor

    Cognitive neurology
  • Richards

    Brain development and disorders
  • Robinson

    Cognitive and Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Sah

    Synaptic plasticity
  • Scott

    Neural circuits and behaviour
  • Thorpe

    Early brain development, education and care
  • Tye

    Functional neuromodulation and novel therapeutics
  • van Swinderen

    Cognitive and behavioural neuroscience
  • Vukovic

    Neuroimmunology and cognition
  • Walker

    Neurodegeneration pathobiology
  • Walker

    Systemic brain rejuvenation
  • Williams

    Synaptic integration in neural networks
  • Zuryn

    Epigenetics and mitochondrial biology