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The Queensland Brain Institute is a leading neuroscience research institute, devoted to a fundamental understanding of how the brain works, from its smallest components through to the integrated networks that underpin human thought and behaviour.

The human brain is a complex ‘machine’, far more efficient and adaptable than today’s computers. Despite great progress we still have much to discover about what makes the brain so extraordinary, and the myriad consequences of brain disease, illness and damage. Our goal is to understand this remarkable organ, to harness its potential and to address the burden of brain disease and dysfunction. Our research spans pure discovery science through to studies targeting the clinical manifestations of disease.

Wide-reaching social, health and economic benefits will come from advances in neuroscience. Our investment in discovery and translation, and nurturing tomorrow’s research leaders, is directed at making these possibilities a reality.

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>5000 peer-reviewed
Hosted 5 Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science
Our researchers are cited >1.5 times more than average
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Research News

  • Researchers have discovered a new way RNA impacts fear-related learning and memory, demonstrating that a noncoding RNA known as Gas5 coordinates the trafficking and clustering of RNA molecules inside the long processes of neurons,contributing to learning and memory.
  • For the first time, University of Queensland (UQ) researchers have shown how the tau protein, known for its role in dementias, behaves where communication in the brain takes place.
  • ​​​​​​​Researchers from the Queensland Brain Institute have secured more than $2.7 million in Australian Research Council (ARC), 2024 Discovery Projects Scheme.

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