Computational and molecular biology

To understand the roles played by retrotransposons in early mammalian embryogenesis, and in neurons


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Professor Faulkner’s research seeks to understand the role of retrotransposons, a type of “mobile DNA”, in causing genetic mosaicism in early mammalian embryogenesis, and in neurons.

This variation may be a fundamental aspect of healthy brain function, and appears to change in neurological diseases, including Rett syndrome, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease. 

Professor Faulkner published a landmark work in Nature describing somatic retrotransposition in the human brain that was selected by the US National Institute of Mental Health as the “joint No. 1 research advance of 2011” and has followed this work with four breakthrough articles in Cell and Molecular Cell. He is the recipient of the ASMR Queensland Premier’s Award (2009), the FEBS Anniversary Prize (2011), the Lorne Genome Millennium Science Award (2014), the Centenary Institute Lawrence Creative Prize (2014) and the Australian Academy of Science Ruth Stephens Gani Medal (2016).

QBI Professor awarded $1.25 million CSL Centenary Fellowship

Group leader

 Professor Geoff Faulkner

Professor Geoff Faulkner

Group Leader, Computational and molecular biology

Professor, Neuroscience Queensland Brain Institute

  +61 7 334 66300
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Aims to achieve

Better understand how the genome - our “book of life” - changes in normal and diseased brain cells.

Research areas

  • Retrotransposons
  • Genetic mosaicism
  • Rett sydnrome, schizophrenia, & Alzheimer's disease

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