Neuronal Development


The Dehorter Group aims to determine how interneurons shape neuronal networks activity and contribute to circuits balance in health and disease.

While early genetic specification seems to drive the cardinal properties of the interneurons, it is increasingly recognized that their final features are subject to regulation by experience. We seek to identify genetic programs triggered by neuronal activity that lead to the remarkable diversity of neuronal subclasses.

We want to address fundamental questions:

  • How do interneurons adapt their activity to the environment and transmit appropriate information to the rest of the neuronal circuit?

  • How these adaptive processes shape emergent networks and modulate inhibitory circuits in normal condition and in pathology?

  • Can we detect early signs of interneuron dysfunction in pathologies such as Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia or autism and restore normal activity to alleviate or block consequent deleterious symptoms?

To achieve our goals, we will take advantage of a multi-disciplinary approach, employing state of the art molecular biology, genetics, in vitro/ in vivo imaging and electrophysiological techniques.

Group leader

Dr Natalie Dehorter

Dr Natalie Dehorter

Senior Research Fellow