CJCADR draws together 11 of QBI’s research groups, bringing broad expertise in brain research to the challenges presented by dementia.

  • Anggono

    Synaptic neurobiology
  • Bartlett

    Neurogenic regulation of cognition
  • Coulson

    Neurotrophins in Alzheimer's disease
  • Götz

    Basic neuroscience and ageing dementia
  • Hilliard

    Molecular and cellular neurobiology
  • Meunier

    Single molecule neuroscience 
  • Nestor

    Cognitive neurology
  • Robinson

    Cognitive and clinical neuroscience
  • Walker A. 

    Neuordegeneration pathobiology
  • Walker T.

    Synaptic neurobiology
  • Zuryn

    Epigenetics and mitochondrial biology