All new students enrolled at QBI are required to assign their intellectual property (IP) to The University of Queensland. A Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Deed of Assignment will be provided at the time of commencement as a Research Higher Degree Candidate.

By assigning IP to the University, UQ takes on responsibility for protecting the IP, including bearing the costs of patenting and other IP protection, as well as facilitating development and commercialisation.

Students benefit from commercial returns in the same way as staff members, one third of any commercial return being turn being shared between the investors/contributors. Read more about the University’s IP policy.

Students retain copyright of their thesis or publications. However, the University does seek a licence to use a student’s copyright material for teaching and on-going research.

Many of the projects QBI RHD students work on are funded by non-traditional sources such as industry or venture capitalists and UQ may have a legal obligation to ensure that it owns the IP.

What is IP and why is it relevant to you?

  • IP is any invention, discovery or idea you may have, or participate in, as part of your research work.
  • If you are the inventor or part of a team of inventors you have a vested interest in the IP of the invention.
  • Your IP could form the basis of patents and copyright agreements, and could be used to attract investment from industry for its development, perhaps resulting in future financial returns.
  • Under State/funding agreements QBI and the University have an obligation to manage research outcomes proactively in order to protect IP and to facilitate its development. To do this effectively it is best to secure IP even before it is created and with the knowledge that not all IP generated will be of commercial interest.

You should understand the conditions of the Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Deed of Assignment and be aware of its implications prior to signing and joining QBI. In making your decision you may wish to seek independent legal advice through the Student Union (ph +61 7 3377 2200) or your own independent adviser.

Where do I find more information on IP?

Information on IP is readily available here.          

We strongly recommend you obtain this information prior to signing the Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Deed of Assignment.

Please note: Students working on a commercial project that has ties to a third party may be asked to sign a different document. Contact your Advisor or the Postgraduate Administrative Officer find out whether this applies to you.