Professor Warwick Bowen, UQ : "Quantum and precision sensing: advances and applications in the biosciences"

11 September 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Professor Warwick Bowen
School of Mathematics and Physics
The University of Queensland

Dr Eva Hoch, Germany: "Cannabis: Potential and Risks. A scientific analysis"

4 September 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Dr Eva Hoch
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Professor Gordon Fishell, Harvard University: "Making up your mind, the specification and integration of interneurons into the cortex"

2 September 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Professor Gordon Fishell
Professor of Neurobiology
Harvard Medical School and the Stanley Center at the Broad
220 Longwood Ave. MA 02115, USA

A/Professor Zachary Knight, USA : "The Neurobiology of Homeostasis"

28 August 2019 11:00am12:00pm
A/Professor Zachary Knight
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
University of California, San Francisco
Join Team Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), University of Queensland (UQ) for the Bridge to Brisbane

Bridge to Brisbane 2019

25 August 2019 6:00am2:00pm
Strap on your running/walking shoes and join Team Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), University of Queensland (UQ) in raising vital funds for brain research at this year's Bridge to Brisbane.

Ross Maclean Fellowship Race Day 2019

24 August 2019 12:00pm5:00pm
This fantastic event is sponsored by the Index Group to help raise awareness and funds for MND research at the Queensland Brain Institute. All funds raised support the Ross Maclean Fellowship, which was established in 2004 by the late Ross Maclean and his family to raise funds to fight this devastating disease.

Healthy Brains

22 August 2019 5:00pm7:00pm
The Queensland Brain Institute is inviting their fundraising heroes, their supporters and members of the community to visit and learn about research into how exercise and a healthy diet impact the brain.

Peter Goodenough Memorial Lecture 2019

20 August 2019 5:00pm6:00pm
Please join us at the 2019 Peter Goodenough Memorial Lecture presented by Dr Norman Swan, multi-award winning producer and broadcaster, and current producer and presenter of the Health Report on ABC Radio.

Professor Geoff Goodhill, UQ : "The development of neural coding in zebrafish, and a new method for analysing calcium imaging data"

7 August 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Professor Geoff Goodhill
Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland

Professor Jürgen Götz, UQ : "From basic mechanisms to antibody- and ultrasound-based therapeutic interventions for Alzheimer's disease"

31 July 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Professor Jürgen Götz
Director of Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research
Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland

Professor Amparo Acker-Palmer, Germany : "Neurovascular interactions during CNS development"

29 July 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Professor Amparo Acker-Palmer
Institute of Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, Goethe University, Frankfurt

Professor Alice Pebay, VIC: "Modelling neurodegeneration using patient induced pluripotent stem cells"

24 July 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Professor Alice Pebay
NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
Department of Surgery, Melbourne Medical School
Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience | School of Biomedical Sciences
The University of Melbourne, VIC

Parkinson's & Movement Disorders Information Session for Patients & Carers

13 July 2019 11:00am2:00pm
An informative session for patients and carers living with Parkinson’s Disease, Dystonia, Essential Tremor and Tourette’s Syndrome.

CJCADR Public Dementia Forum 2019

3 July 2019 10:00am
Held annually, the Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research (CJCADR) Public Dementia Forum brings together experts in dementia research and care, with a focus on living well with dementia.

Professor Tod Kippin, USA: "There’s an Ap(tamer) for that! A generalizable biosensor platform for evolving pharmacological and neuroscience research"

28 June 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Professor Tod Kippin
Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
University of California, Santa Barbara

Professor Helen Cooper, UQ : "Understanding the molecular origins of cortical malformations"

26 June 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Professor Helen Cooper
Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland

A/Professor Jared W. Young, USA : "Delineating potential mechanisms underlying bipolar disorder using cross-species testing"

19 June 2019 11:00am12:00pm
A/Professor Jared W. Young
Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego, USA

Dr Dimitri Perrin, QUT : "Whole-brain 3D imaging and quantitative analysis"

12 June 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Dr Dimitri Perrin
Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Data Science Group
Queensland University of Technology

Informative Breakfast: What do we really know about the brain?

12 June 2019 7:00am9:00am
Join us for an informative breakfast session discussing What do we really know about the brain?, with researchers from the Queensland Brain Institute.

Dr Albert Lee, NSW : "Application of proteomics to characterise mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases”

5 June 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Dr Albert Lee
Department of Biomedical Sciences, Macquarie University, New South Wales

Dr Tim O'Shea, USA : "Bioengineering neural repair in the central nervous system"

30 May 2019 2:00pm3:00pm
Dr Tim O'Shea
Departments of Neurobiology and Bioengineering,  David Geffen School of Medicine,
University of California, Los Angeles

Dr Michael Lazarou, VIC : "Culling Bad Mitochondria: The Molecular Mechanisms of PINK1/Parkin mitophagy"

29 May 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Dr Michael Lazarou
Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute
Monash University VIC

Professor Michael Hausser FRS, UK : "All-optical closed-loop manipulation of neural circuits in vivo"

23 May 2019 11:00am12:00pm
Professor Michael Hausser FRS
Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research, University College London, UK

International Leaders in Neuroscience Seminar : Professor Nancy Kanwisher, USA : "Functional Imaging of the Human Brain: A Window into the Architecture of the Mind"

22 May 2019 4:00pm5:00pm
Professor Nancy Kanwisher
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, McGovern Institute for Brain Research,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


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