Speaker: Dr Zhaoyu Li
Queensland Brain Institute
University of Queensland


Title: Mechanisms of neural network aging: insights from C. elegans


Abstract: Brain aging gives rise to a series of motor and cognitive behaviour declines and is the major risk factor for many neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). Though important, it remains poorly understood of how brain functions change with aging, and how these processes can be prevented by genetic and pharmacological interventions. We use C. elegans to address these questions. By combining quantitative behavioual analysis, whole brain calcium imaging, and mathematical modelling, we found that motor decline during aging is associated with the impairment of neural network states, and this process can be modelled using attractor theory. Interestingly, impairment of neural circuit also triggers compensatory neural activities and behaviours during aging. Drugs that extend lifespan preserves neural network function. 

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