Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research

A centre dedicated to dementia research

Dementia is one of the most pressing health challenges of our time and is the second leading cause of death in Australia. In 2020, around 459,000 Australians were living with dementia and, without a breakthrough, that number is expected to grow to more than 1 million by 2050. There is currently no cure for any dementias.
Recognising the urgent need for focused dementia research, Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research (CJCADR) was established in 2011, thanks to philanthropic support from the Clem Jones Foundation. 

CJCADR’s research facilities, within the Queensland Brain Institute, are world-class, with access to cutting-edge imaging technologies, super-resolution microscopy and research super-computing, as well as molecular and cellular technologies in gene-editing, biochemistry and histology.

CJCADR’s research spans:

  • fundamental research to understand dementia disease processes at a molecular, cellular and tissue level;
  • translational research to develop discoveries toward viable products and therapies;
  • clinical studies of diagnostic tools and interventions to improve the health of people living with, and those at risk of developing, dementia.
  • engagement with clinicians and the care sector to ensure strong and reciprocal links; and,
  • building Australia’s dementia research capacity through the mentoring of early career researchers, and PhD and master’s students.

CJCADR draws together 12 of QBI’s research groups, bringing broad expertise in brain research to the challenges presented by dementia.

  • Anggono

    Synaptic neurobiology
  • Bartlett

    Neurogenic regulation of cognition
  • Coulson

    Neurotrophins in Alzheimer's disease
  • Götz

    Basic neuroscience and ageing dementia
  • Hilliard

    Molecular and cellular neurobiology
  • Meunier

    Single molecule neuroscience 
  • Nestor

    Cognitive neurology
  • Padmanabhan

    Molecular and systems medicine
  • Robinson 

    Cognitive and clinical neuroscience
  • Walker A.

    Neurodegeneration pathobiology
  • Walker T.

    Synaptic neurobiology
  • Zuryn

    Epigenetics and mitochondrial biology​​

The Centre’s mission is to drive treatments and interventions for dementia through the understanding of basic disease mechanisms and translation of these into real-world applications. CJCADR works closely with industry and clinical partners to progress research from discovery to treatment.

The Centre is led by CJCADR Director Professor Jürgen Götz, an international leader in Alzheimer’s disease research and Lesleigh Green - Bill and Nancy Green Endowed Chair in Dementia Research at QBI. Professor Götz’s laboratory is one of the 12 QBI research groups that make up the Centre.

Our researchers are driven by the belief that fundamental research is required to address the growing challenge posed by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. The Centre’s activities are focused around three priorities:  

  1. to understand the changes that occur within the brain in dementia;  
  2. to develop new technologies, tools and biomarkers; and  
  3. to design new treatments and preventive approaches.  

  • Professor Jürgen Götz

    Director of CJCADR & Director of CJCADR - GL
    Queensland Brain Institute
    Centre Director of Clem Jones Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research
    Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research
  • Ms Rebecca Bibby

    Business Manager
    Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research

The Ageing Dementia Research (ADR) Association aims to bring together researchers and clinicians to promote collaborative opportunities and enhance the visibility of dementia research. The intention of the Association is to provide opportunities for new collaborations, better understand research synergies and share knowledge, with members invited to meet periodically throughout the year to highlight their research and clinical observations of dementia.

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