QBI research secures $2.7 million ARC funding

3 Nov 2023

Researchers from the Queensland Brain Institute have secured more than $2.7 million in Australian Research Council (ARC), 2024 Discovery Projects Scheme.

The funding was awarded to four projects across the institute to support a range of basic research.

Recipients include a team led by Associate Professor Kai-Hsiang Chuang to research the use of cutting-edge imaging and computational modelling to uncover how the brain network supports the formation of long-lasting memory.

A team led by Professor Bruno van Swinderen will use new strategies for manipulating sleep stages in flies to understand their impact on brain repair and learning.

A team led by Associate Professor Zhitao Hu will research the use of electrophysiology, electron microscopy, genetics, biochemistry and imaging to deepen our understanding of neuronal communication and information processing in the brain.

A team led by Dr Pranesh Padmanabhan in collaboration with Professor Jürgen Götz, will investigate how brain cells use their molecular machinery to communicate with one another.  The expected findings will inform a deeper understanding of brain functions, such as learning and memory.

The ARC awarded more than $220 million to 421 research projects commencing in 2024. The full list of successful projects is available on the ARC website.