A software repository is available at QBI to support the activities of research groups in data and image analysis and management. In many cases, the requirements for software assistance are highly specific to the research project involved and thus it can be difficult to obtain appropriate software to cater for them. In addition, the cost can be prohibitive for anything with a measure of complexity and is generally not able to be supported directly by research grants.

It is well appreciated that automation of analysis can reduce timeframes from weeks to minutes.  However, researchers often lack any formal training in computer programming, analysis and design and can struggle unnecessarily. 

Computing languages such as Python, Java and C/C++ are most commonly used in scientific software as is scripting in Matlab and R.

For image analysis, scripts, macros and plugins in ImageJ/Fiji, Cellprofiler and Python scripts for OMERO have previously been developed. 

Development and support was provided for custom database applications, professional association websites and integration with institutional open source databases such as XNAT and OMERO.

If you have any questions relating to the github repository at qbi-software.github.io you can contact QBI's former Research Software Developer, Dr Liz Cooper-Williams