Imaris is a powerful analysis and visualisation software package designed for processing 3D images – such as those acquired from confocal microscopes.

The Imaris workstations are located on level 6 in room 616 and include all analysis modules:

  • Imaris Core
  • Imaris Measurement Pro
  • Imaris Track
  • Imaris Coloc
  • Imaris Cell
  • Filament Tracer
  • Imaris XT
  • Imaris InPress
  • Imaris Batch
  • AutoAligner
  • AutoDeblur (AutoquantX2)

Powerpoint files used for training in Imaris can be found on the microscopy server. In addition there are online resources available which include webinars which go into great detail about how to use the advanced features of Imaris. Full manual here.

Some example analyses include:

Please log a job on PPMS if you would like Imaris training.