Researcher biography

I am a Research Fellow in Bioinformatics, holding a joint position with QBI the Bredy group (50%) and IMB the Palpant group (50%). With over 15 years of experience in the bioinformatics/NGS field, my journey began with the greenfield development of three NGS platforms: 454, Illumina, and SOLiD. This experience has equipped me with extensive expertise in bioinformatic analysis, particularly in analyzing a variety of NGS data types. As the leader of the bioinformatics core facility at QBI from 2012 to 2022, my role was primarily focused on providing bioinformatics services. However, I have also been actively engaged in custom programming and analysis for numerous projects, allowing me to make significant intellectual contributions and deepen my involvement in research studies. Despite the typical service-oriented position of bioinformaticians, my publication record is notable, featuring over 40 peer-reviewed publications, with me serving as the first, co-first, or last author on 16 of them. Since 2019, my work has garnered 1,525 citations (as per Google Scholar, as of 12 Jan 2024), with 41.2% of my publications ranking in the top 10% of journals based on the CiteScore Percentile Source from SciVal. My contributions to bioinformatics are showcased in prestigious journals, with notable examples including lncRNA capture sequencing and ATAC-seq data analysis (Nature Communications, 2023) and (Cell Reports, 2022), de novo transcriptome assembly (Development, 2022), noncanonical structure Z-DNA analysis (Nature Neuroscience, 2020), DNA modification m6dA data analysis (Nature Neuroscience, 2019), whole-exome sequencing data analysis (Genome Medicine, 2017), and cross-ethnic meta-analysis (Nature Communications, 2017).