In Australia stroke affects more than 50,000 people each year.

Stroke facts and figures

  • Worldwide, there are 62 million stroke survivors 
  • In Australia, 50 000 people suffer stroke annually
  • Stroke costs the health system $5 billion direclty per annum
  • Stroke research attracts less than 4% of funding


Globally, the World Health Organisation estimates that there are at least 62 million stroke survivors. In Australia, 50 000 people suffer a stroke each year, leaving them with physical and mental disabilities that create an enormous emotional, social, and financial burden on our community.

Currently, there are nearly half a million stroke survivors in this country who, through key research, could have an improved long-term outlook and quality of life, reducing the load on their carers and families.

The physical and mental consequences of stroke include paralysis and motor function deficits, problems with language and speech, vision loss, memory and cognitive impairments, fatigue, social isolation, dependency, job loss, and depression.

Stroke is common, is not always preventable and can happen to anyone at anytime. It is not just a disease of the older generation. One third of all stroke survivors in Australia are under the age of 65.

Addressing the growing problem of stroke and supporting the crucial research at QBI’s Stroke Recovery Laboratories, will create a more positive and worthwhile future for not only Australian stroke survivors, but also the 62 million stroke survivors around the world.