The Australian Brain Bee Challenge (ABBC) is a competition for high school students in year 10 to learn about the brain and its functions, learn about neuroscience research, find out about careers in neuroscience and to dispel misconceptions about neurological and mental illnesses.  

Australia's only neuroscience competition was started in Australia in 2006 to address a number of deficiencies in the public's perception of science in general, and neuroscience in particular.  

The Australian Brain Bee Challenge is a test of knowledge about important facts concerning intelligence, memory, emotions, sensations, movement, stress, ageing, sleep, Alzheimer's disease and stroke. This information can be found in an information-packed book, which students study for the challenge.

Round 1 2018 will take place during  Brain Awareness Week, March 11-17, 2019. To register your interest please visit the Round 1 Registration Page or email


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