Joint meeting with the 10th Australasian Workshop on Neuro-Engineering and Computational Neuroscience, and the 2017 QBI Plasticity Workshop. Download conference poster here.

Download the Conference Abstract Book here

POSTER PRESENTERS: Poster Boards are 1.2m x 1.2m 

Confirmed speakers:

Polina Anikeeva (MIT): Probing Neural Function with Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
Bernard Balleine (UNSW): Cortico-striatal circuits controlling goal-directed action
Daphne Bavelier (U Geneva): Learning to lean - lessons from action video games
John Bekkers (ANU): Spontaneous spiking in the olfactory cortex
Kwabena Boahen (Stanford): The Neuromorphics Project
Tobias Bonhoeffer (Max Planck Martinsried): How experience changes synapses in the mammalian brain
Rosa Cossart (INMED Marseille): Shaping the functional structure of the hippocampus
Kenji Doya (Okinawa): Neural circuits for reinforcement learning and mental simulation
Adrienne Fairhall (U Washington): Variability and learning in birdsong
Marta Garrido (U Queensland): Connectivity underpinnings of statistical learning in healthy people with psychotic experiences
Geoff Goodhill (U Queensland): Spontaneous activity in the developing brain
Alex Pouget (U Geneva): The Agony of Choice: Optimal policies for value-based decision making
Pankaj Sah (U Queensland): Coding of cued fear by neural ensembles in the lateral amygdala.
Andre van Schaik (Western Sydney): DeepSouth: A neuromorphic ecosystem
Rafael Yuste (Columbia): Imaging and optically manipulating neuronal ensembles

Tutorials: Rafael Yuste (Imaging the function of neural circuits), Alex Pouget (Probabilistic models of decision making), Kwabena Boahen (Neuromorphic Computing).
These will run in parallel on the morning of Dec 13th (not Dec 15th as stated on the first version of the conference poster), with the main conference starting in the afternoon.

Registration costs: 
Students: $225 
Regular: $450 
Tutorial: additional $65 
Registration page for non-QBI members here.
Registration page for QBI members (i.e. enrolled or employed through QBI) here.

Abstract submissions for poster presentation are welcome: deadline October 1st (one abstract per registration). Some submitted abstracts will be selected for oral presentation. Email your abstract to with subject line "SCiNDU Abstract". Include authors, affiliations and abstract body (body max 250 words). Word, PDF and plain text are all acceptable (abstracts will be reformatted for inclusion in the program book). 

Accommodation is available on campus (5 min walk from QBI) at Emmanuel College. More details here (PDF).

Questions: Please direct all questions to Prof Geoff Goodhill-


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