QBI science of learning guide essential reading for parents, teachers

17 Jul 2017

Today, QBI is launching the second magazine in The Brain series, which shares the latest insights into the science of learning and memory.

QBI and Science of Learning Research Centre director Professor Pankaj Sah said the free 24-page magazine aimed to dispel myths about learning, provide tips for studying, and explore factors that improve academic outcomes and the ability to learn.

“It will be an essential guide for teachers, parents and students, or anyone interested in maximising their learning potential,” he said.

The Brain: Learning and Memory is available in print and can be viewed online, or downloaded in pdf. It follows the first in the series: The Brain: Concussion.

The science of learning, made accessible

“We have tried to shed light on the science of learning in an accessible and interesting way,” Professor Sah said.

“By sharing expert knowledge from psychology and education researchers, we hope The Brain: Learning and Memory will serve as an educational tool for educators and parents interested in lifting learning outcomes.”  

The magazine includes a downloadable poster with practical tips for students to boost studying and learning.  

Topics covered included: how the brain learns; common factors affecting learning – such as multi-tasking, technology, and sleep; learning disorders such as dyslexia; so-called 'smart drugs'; and whether the brain’s learning ability changes with age.

The magazine includes profiles of prominent Australians, including beloved children’s author Jackie French, who details her struggle with dyslexia.

The magazine features a profile of Dr Chris Sarra, founder and chief executive of the Stronger Smarter Institute, on shifting expectations of Indigenous students.

In another article, QBI Advisory Board chair Dr Sallyanne Atkinson discusses learning at any age.


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