What inspired the creation of the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI)? And how did QBI become one of the leading neuroscience research centres in the world? On our 20th anniversary, QBI’s inaugural Director, Emeritus Professor Perry Bartlett, and its current Executive Director, Professor Pankaj Sah, take us back to 2003, an exciting and optimistic time for Australian neuroscience, when it all began. They share memories and insights into QBI's origins, what and who has shaped our research over the years, and the community’s vital role in inspiring and sustaining QBI.  

In this engaging conversation, Pankaj and Perry delve into:   

  • Why and how QBI was created 
  • How the Institute grew from three labs to over 30 
  • What’s changed in neuroscience research in 20 years 
  • The power of community support  
  • What lies ahead for neuroscience  

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