The final year of high school brings its challenges, but for student Jeremy Markey the key to success is balance and organisation.

As a year 12 student, Jeremy Markey is close to finishing his educational journey at school. Despite juggling the responsibilities of being prefect at Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) with aiming to achieve a good OP, he is finding that his last year as a school student is living up to his expectations. 

“I probably experienced anxiety around exams in younger years but cope a lot better with the pressure in Senior,” says Jeremy. “I think the key to minimising stress is being organised, and good planning.”

  “The teachers at Churchie have helped us to transition well from grade 11 to 12. It’s all about knowing what’s ahead each term and asking for help if you need it.”

 “I’m lucky that we have a great cohort of boys who willingly support and help each other so we can achieve the best we can academically.”

How does he cope with the academic pressures of his final year of high school? “I think it’s important to have a good balance between study and other activities including sport which helps you maintain focus, especially in grade 12,” he says. 

“Early in Grade 11, I found the distraction of having my iPhone where I studied meant I wasn’t studying effectively. I decided to leave my phone in the kitchen when I studied and allow myself regular breaks when I can check social media or messages from friends. This has worked really well in keeping me on track without losing touch.” 

As for the big decision around what the future holds, Jeremy is still weighing up his options. Some potential interests include town planning and physiotherapy. “I’m still undecided on what direction I’ll head in but I’m narrowing down areas that I’m interested in and talking to family friends who are working in those fields to get a real-world insight.”


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