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Motor neurone disease (MND) is a rapidly progressing neurological disorder that attacks the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord controlling the way we walk, talk, eat, speak, and breathe. The loss of these nerve cells (motor neurons) leads to progressive muscle weakness and wasting.

Currently, over 2000 people are living with MND in Australia. This is a destructive neurological disorder which currently has no cure. The Queensland Brain Institute are using a multidisciplinary approach to improve the understanding and treatment of motor neurone disease. 

Research has shown that EphA4 is the key molecule involved in the guidance of motor neurons from the brain to targets in the spinal cord and is also responsible for impeding the recovery of motor neurons following injury. This finding has important implications for the future treatment of MND, spinal cord injury, as well as other neurological diseases.

Dr Jing Zhao will provide the latest update on the first-in-human clinical trial, to take place in Brisbane in 2019, for the MND drug candidate which blocks a  protein known as EphA4. The breakfast will also include a panel session featuring MND research discussing the multi-disciplinary approach being taken at QBI to find solutions for this devastating disease. 


Key Note Speaker:

Dr Jing Zhao - QBI Research Fellow

Panel Members

Dr Adam WalkerRoss Maclean Research Fellow in MND and QBI Group Leader 

Dr Shyuan Ngo: Scott Sullivan Research Fellow in MND and AIBN Group Leader

Professor Pamela McCombe: Head of the Royal Brisbane Clinical school in the School of Medicine and Co-head of the Brain and Mental Health Theme at the UQ Centre for Clinical Research



Thank you to all those who were interested in attending this event. We have reached capacity however if you would like to join the waiting list please contact Jess at 

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