Dr Adam Walker: Neurodegeneration pathobiology

The Walker lab uses biochemistry and imaging techniques to study neuronal cell culture and genetically modified mouse models of MND and FTD, alongside analysis of human brain and spinal cord samples, to investigate the involvement of TDP-43 in disease. Importantly, Dr Walker previously characterised new TDP-43 mice that develop both pathology and motor phenotypes reminiscent of human disease, which are a vital new tool for both investigations of disease mechanisms and pre-clinical testing of therapeutics. 

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Researcher biography

Dr Adam Walker received his BSc(Hons) in Biochemistry from the University of Tasmania, and PhD in Neuroscience from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health at the University of Melbourne, focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of motor neuron disease (MND). He undertook a postdoctoral fellowship with Professor Virginia Lee at the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research, University of Pennsylvania (2011-2015), developing new transgenic TDP-43 mouse models of disease. Dr Walker was previously an NHMRC CJ Martin Overseas Biomedical Research Fellow and was awarded an NHMRC RD Wright Career Development Fellowship (2018-2022), to continue his research on neurodegenerative diseases. His research has been supported by fellowships and project grants from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, the Australian National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation, Dementia Australia, Motor Neuron Disease Research Institute of Australia, MonSTaR Foundation and the Cure for MND Foundation.