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Age-related changes can influence social interactions, which can impact the wellbeing of the individual and their significant others. To better aid those with speaking difficulties, we are interested in understanding the cognitive processes behind language production.

Our study aims to test how interferences to attention influences spoken language production in an ageing context. We're seeking healthy volunteers between the ages of 60 – 80 years to take part in a 2.5-hour study. Our experiment only requires participants to produce sentences in response to picture scenes.


Volunteers should:

  • be healthy
  • be between the ages of 60 – 80 years
  • speak English as a first language
  • have normal or corrected hearing and vision (e.g., hearing aid or glasses)


All tasks will be completed at the University of Queensland located at the Neuropsychology Research Clinic at 39 Upland Road, St Lucia (view online map).

Time commitment

The session will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete


Participants will be reimbursed with a $20 Coles-Myer gift card per hour (i.e. 2 gift cards)

How will my data be secured?

All data collected will be anonymised and stored securely on UQ servers

Contact us

Please email if you would like to participate in this study or with any questions. 

This study is a PhD project conducted by Jessica Chow, under the supervision of Professor Gail Robinson.