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Science is the necessary pathway to advancing our understanding of the brain and the development of new treatments for neurological disorders and diseases.


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The importance of discovery research


The Queensland Brain Institute is a world-leading neuroscience research centre, established in 2003, with a vision to understand the mechanisms of brain function and progress treatments for disorders and diseases.

The path scientists follow to discovery is never a straight line, but rather a twisting journey inspired by a deep desire to explore new ground and unexpected avenues of enquiry.


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QBI is helping to realise a vision for everyone’s future that is brighter than imagined.

Below are some examples of the innovative research happening at the Queensland Brain Institute.


Today we live in a world filled with medical achievements that we can take for granted, never realising that the people behind the curtain are fundamental scientists.

How to support the Brain Research Endowment Fund

Scientific achievement is represented by decades, sometimes centuries, of groundwork by thousands of scientists producing millions of research articles, each containing that vital clue to propel other researchers to realise the next step toward a better understanding of ourselves, the world around us and beyond, from the innermost workings of our cells to distant stars.


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Fundamental research gives researchers the flexibility to make breakthrough advances.

Without generous philanthropic support, our breakthrough advances in dementia, motor neurone disease (MND), stroke and anxiety and depression would not have been possible.

The freedom to perform fundamental research gives scientists the flexibility to find that needle in the haystack, that one-in-a-thousand chance.

The QBI Brain Research Endowment Fund is designed to embrace the critical role philanthropic donations play in transforming new and elusive concepts into tangible scientific evidence.

Our strong and unwavering commitment to fundamental research enables scientists at QBI, from all around the world, to explore the endless possibilities created through original ideas.

Your generosity will help support new researchers; provide seed funding to secure government support; and assist some higher-risk projects of great community benefit.

Philanthropic support assists our scientists to make that vital first step, which is not always supported by government funding.

This valuable research may hold the key to solving major health problems challenging the modern world.

Your valued support helps QBI’s Brain Research Endowment Fund to continue to lead scientific discovery.

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QBI Discovery Research Advisory Board

The QBI Discovery Research Advisory Board is fundraising to support the QBI Brain Research Endowment Fund.

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