Schizophrenia affects approximately seven individuals per 1000 (just under 1%) across their lifetime (lifetime morbid risk). The ratio of men to women who have schizophrenia is 1.4:1. [Source: McGrath et al. 2008]

Despite relatively low prevalence, schizophrenia is associated with significant disability as demonstrated in the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) whereby acute psychosis was found to have the highest disability weight of any cause. In 2015, the study found schizophrenia to be the 3rd leading cause of disability (measured as disability-adjusted life years) among the twenty mental and substance use disorders included in GBD.

Schizophrenia costs the Australian community approximately $2.6 billion per annum in both direct health costs and loss of productivity. [Source: Schizophrenia Research Institute 2013]