ARC funding for QBI research

5 Nov 2014

The November round of Australian Research Council (ARC) funding resulted in support for three ARC Discovery Projects and one ARC DECRA Fellowship at QBI.

Professor Geoffrey Goodhill received three years of funding for work into how the world is represented in the brain.

Using the brain of the zebrafish as a model, the project will measure neural activity with mathematical modelling in order to discover the basic principles of how this occurs.

Professor Frederic Meunier’s work into unravelling the mechanism of vesicular docking in neurosecretory cells received four years of funding to better understand the neuronal function in the healthy nervous and hormonal systems.

Professor Meunier aims to achieve this by investigating the fusion of secretory vesicles (SVs) by exocytosis, which underpins neuronal and hormonal communication.

Professor Joe Lynch has received three years of funding into understanding the role of zinc in physiological processes.

His project will look into the level of concentration that zinc reaches in the synaptic cleft and the length of time it remains elevated.

Dr Jana Vukovic of Professor Perry Bartlett’s lab received a prestigious Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), which will fund her work for three years.

She aims to understand how adult-born neurons influence behaviour by determining when newly born neurons become important for behaviour and the connections made by these cells within the hippocampal network.

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