2014 Peter Goodenough Memorial Lecture held at QBI

12 Sep 2014

Professor Patrick Sullivan of the University of North Carolina delivered the annual Peter Goodenough Memorial Lecture on Wednesday 10 September at QBI.

Professor Sullivan presented three stories around the challenges and progress made in identifying the genetic basis of schizophrenia in recent years.

He spoke about the unprecedented international collaborations that have recently delivered exciting findings; the findings themselves, and finally how to use the findings – moving on from “finding” the genes to “using” the genes to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Professor Sullivan is the Director of the Center for Psychiatric Genomics at the University of North Carolin, where his laboratory studies the molecular genetics and pharmacogenetics of schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, and anorexia nervosa.

The Peter Goodenough Memorial Lecture is named in honour of the late Mr Peter Goodenough, whose personal battle with motor neuron disease (MND) led to an inspirational bequest to establish, staff and support the Peter Goodenough and Wantoks Research Laboratory at QBI.