New book aims to help public protect reefs for future generations

23 Jul 2010

A new book demystifying the science surrounding coral reefs and climate change was launched by the Queensland Governor Her Excellency Dr Penelope Wensley at Brisbane’s Customs House today.

Coral Reefs and Climate Change: the guide for education and awareness focuses on ways forward from the detrimental effects of climate change on reefs, such as the Great Barrier Reef, and details measures that can be taken to reduce further damage.

Co-author and educator Craig Reid said the book was an ideal tool for anyone interested in learning more about the current condition of coral reefs, especially high school students.

“The book is about taking control of our future and building the capacity to solve the problems on our reefs,” Mr Reid said.

Fellow author and Queensland Brain Institute neurobiologist Professor Justin Marshall said many people were confused by conflicting statements about climate change.

“There's been a big swing back towards climate change denialists. One of the main reasons appears to be that a lot of people understandably can’t follow the complex scientific arguments put forward. They do not know who to believe,” Professor Marshall explained.

However, he hopes that will change with Coral Reefs and Climate Change, which aims to convey the latest information from organisations such as The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, The Australian Institute of Marine Science and the International Panel on Climate Change.

Professor Marshall continued: "The book uses language, and a set of superb conceptual diagrams from the book’s designer Diana Kleine, aimed at increasing understanding from the upper end of primary school on.

“It does provide grim predictions about the future – reefs are already beyond 40 per cent lost or unrecognisable and are disappearing five times faster than rainforests. But Coral Reefs and Climate Change also has a positive story, showing people what actions they can take now to effect change.”

Co-author Dave Logan added: “We remain confident that once people understand the problem they will act. This book provides suggestions, workshop activities and lessons on changing the way we live, as well as climate realities and coral reef biology.”

More than 1200 copies of the book have already been sold. 


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Coral Reefs and Climate Change was written by Craig Reid, Justin Marshall, Dave Logan and Diana Kleine. The 256-page book provides solutions and practical exercises, as well as a CD and workbook suitable for high school students. It is published by CoralWatch and supported by The University of Queensland. The book is available for sale through or email:


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