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The Queensland Brain Institute is a leading neuroscience research institute with collaborators across more than 48 countries.

Our research focuses on brain development and plasticity, mental health, cognition and behaviour, brain injury, ageing and dementia. Our 250 researchers and support staff produce more than 5000 peer-reviewed publications, with a strong foundation of discovery research. We work with government and industry partners, as well as researchers across the globe, to ensure our discoveries benefit everyone.

QBI houses world-leading facilities which allows our scientists to use the best techniques and technology to further our neuroscience research. Without the people who do the research and support the research, QBI could not produce the world-class neuroscience that it does. That's why we are just as focused on the people as we are the science. We are committed to building a diverse workplace, training the next generation of neuroscientists, and helping build the careers of our people.

Our Vision

Improved lives through a deeper understanding of the brain in health and disease.

Our Mission

Unlocking the mysteries of the brain to generate new knowledge, understand learning and memory, and develop new technologies to improve lives, and diagnose and treat brain disease and improve mental health.


Professor Pankaj Sah
Queensland Brain Institute


QBI 2022 Strategy


Research excellence

>5000 peer-reviewed
Hosted 5 Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science
Our researchers are cited >1.5 times more than average
Diversity and inclusion are integral to a strong research environment. The QBI Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is committed to enacting this principle at all levels within our institute.

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