University of Queensland collaborators

Professor John Cairney - Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Professor Simon Smith- Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Craig Munns- Medicine/Children's Health Queensland

Professor Honey Heussler, Medicine/Children's Health Queensland

A/ Professor Jasneek Chawla Medicine/Children's Health Queensland


National collaborators

Professor Nick Glozier, Mind and Brain Institute, University of Sydney

Dr Allysa Milton, Mind and Brain Institute, University of Sydney

A/Professor Leah Ruppanner, University of Melbourne

Professor Belinda Hewitt, University of Melbourne

Professor Lisa Kervin, University of Wollongong

A/Professor Steven Howard, University of Wollongong

A/Prof Karen Hazell Raine, Charles Darwin University

Dr Marcus Horwood, Deakin University


International collaborators

Professor Iram Siraj, Oxford University

Dr Yuwei Xu, The University of Nottingham

A/Professor Monique LeBourgeois, University of Colorado Boulder

Professor Peter Blair, University of Bristol

A/Professor Graham Reid, Western University, Ontario

Professor Edward Melhuish, Oxford University

Professor Peter Blair, The University of Bristol

Professor Monique LeBourgeois, University of Colorado- Boulder

Professor Rebekah Coley, Boston College

Dr Yuwei Xu, University of Nottingham,

Professor Tim Curby, George Mason University

Professor Jason Downer, University of Virginia