About me: I originally come from France where I obtained a pharmaceutical degree specialising in biotechnology and innovative therapies. When not in the lab, I love exploring Australia’s unique landscapes and wildlife by hiking and camping. I am also a runner and appreciate competing in races from 10km to marathons. Not to forget, as a French person, cooking and discovering new good food venues is one of my hobbies as well. 

PhD Project: My PhD is focused on better understanding the role of a neuronal presynaptic protein called alpha-synuclein (α-syn). α-Syn is involved in neurotransmission by regulating synaptic vesicle trafficking. However, this protein is also involved in a group of neurodegenerative diseases termed synucleinopathies characterised by the accumulation of intraneuronal inclusions of α-syn. Using microfluidic devices to isolate synaptic terminals from the cell body of neurons, I investigate the impact of transmitted α-syn on retrograde transport in recipient neurons. Furthermore, I explore α-syn’s nanoscale organisation in neurons using super-resolution microscopy. By comparing the effect and organisation of wild-type α-syn and mutants linked to familial forms of Parkinson’s disease, I hope to bring more knowledge into the physiological roles of transmitted α-syn and its implication in Parkinson’s disease.

Supervisor: Prof. Frederic Meunier, Dr. Adekunle Bademosi