NHMRC Project Grant APP1165850 (2019-2021, Prof Mowry and Dr Giacomotto) - $481,890. Investigating the neuro-developmental role of schizophrenia-associated genes using the zebrafish. 9546049-01-441-21-022840

Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Project Grant (2019-2021, Dr Giacomotto) - $100,000. Unveiling the pathogenic role of the schizophrenia and autism risk-gene NRXN1 in synaptogenesis. https://www.cooperfoundation.org.au/2019-grant-recipients. 9546049-01-475-21-022958

CIHR (Canadian NIH-equivalent) research grant (2018-2022, Dr Patten and Dr Giacomotto), CA$627,300 Deciphering the mechanisms of synaptic dysfunction in a genetic model of spinal muscular atrophy.

CureSMA research grant (2017-2019, Dr Giacomotto), - $101,985 - Zebrafish models of Spinal Muscular Atrophy optimized for chemical genetics and drug discovery. From proof-of-principle to new insights and treatments. http://www.curesma.org/news/grant-awarded-to-jean-giacomotto.html 9546049-01-477-21-020485

MNDRIA research grant (2017-2018, Dr Giacomotto) - $99,611.89 - New and innovative polygenic approach for understanding and modelling MNDs in zebrafish. http://www.mndaust.asn.au/Discover-our-research/Latest-research/Research-reports.aspx

Rebecca L. Cooper Grant grant (2016, Dr Giacomotto) - $23.,900 - Using the Zebrafish to fight psychiatric disorders. From proof-of-principle to new insights and treatments.

Investigating the aetiopathogenic role of autoantibodies against the M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor in patients with first episode of schizophrenia
(2016–2020) NHMRC Project Grant