Cognitive augmentation via training and brain stimulation: Predicting and optimising outcomes

(2019–2023) Commonwealth Defence Science and Technology Group

How do visual predictions affect neural coding? From whole brain systems to single neurons

(2019–2021) NHMRC Project Grant

Neural substrates of paired decision-making training and brain stimulation

(2018–2021) ARC Discovery Projects

Neurophysiology of attention deficits after right hemisphere stroke (NHMRC Project Grant led by Monash University)

(2018–2020) Monash University

KidSTIM: A non-invasive neuromodulation laboratory to simultaneously improve insight and treatment of brain disorders for children in Queensland

(2018) UQ Major Equipment and Infrastructure

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) Program in Brain, Mind & Consciousness Senior Fellowship

(2017–2020) Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Do ongoing cognitive demands affect the efficacy of transcranial electrical brain stimulation in young and older healthy adults?
(2017–2019) NHMRC Project Grant

Selective modulation of neural network activity using focal brain stimulation (NHMRC Project Grant administered by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute)
(2016–2019) Queensland Institute of Medical Research

Mimicking slow wave sleep to enhance plasticity in the elderly human brain
(2015–2018) NHMRC Project Grant

ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function (Monash lead institution)
(2014–2021) Monash University

Cognitive control of attention and its role in regulating brain function in health and disease
(2012–2017) ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships