The Joint Sino-Australian Laboratory of Brainnetome is a joint initiative with the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Automation (CASIA), in Beijing, and uses advanced neuroimaging techniques and computational analysis to understand brain behaviour.

Researchers work in partnership to map brain behaviour and to develop a greater understanding of how neural networks function in both healthy and diseased states. The findings will be used to develop computational models to diagnose changes in brain wiring associated with diseases.

Tianzi Jiang, professor in neuroimaging at UQ and professor of brain imaging and cognitive disorders at CASIA, oversees the laboratory.

Computational analysis and neuroimaging will ultimately also be used in the Science of Learning Research Centre to understand the networks involved during learning and the formation of memories, and then applied to deliver more effective education models in schools and universities.

The opening of the Joint Laboratory took place at the Institute of Automation in Beijing on 21 March 2013. Professor Perry Bartlett (left) and Professor Tianzi Jiang add their signatures to the agreement.