Tau and ITS master regulator Fyn in Neurons
(2017–2019) NHMRC Project Grant

Treatment of transgenic mouse models of frontotemporal dementia with novel tau-specific antibodies
(2016–2019) The Yulgilbar Foundation

Yulgilbar Foundation Grant
(2016–2019) The Yulgilbar Foundation

A novel click chemistry approach to identify learning and memory molecules
(2016–2018) ARC Discovery Projects

Translational Ultrasound Project
(2015–2020) Research Donation Generic

Peter Hilton Research Fellowship in Dementia
(2013–2018) Research Donation Generic

Frontotemporal dementia and motor neurodegenerative syndromes
(2013–2017) NHMRC Program Grant administered by UNSW

Centre for Ageing Dementia Research at The Queensland Brain Institute
(2012–2017) Research Donation Generic