There are several public transport options for Brisbane in general and the UQ campus specifically.

UQ's Transport and Parking guide has details on public transport and parking options at the university. The QBI has a lockable bike shed, so cycling to the Institute is also an option.

To get to other destinations in Brisbane apart from UQ, there are several options:

Public Transport: Brisbane public transport is cheap and comprehensive, and you can go almost anyway on the city’s buses, trains, or ferry service. To find out how to get from one place to another, visit the Translink website. This site has a journey finder where you can plug in your starting point and destination and it will display the best route to get there using public transport, as well as times.

The fares for public transport depend on the length of the journey. Each section of Brisbane is divided into zones, and your trip cost will depend on how many zones you travel through. For information about the types of tickets and fares, click here. Student fares are half of the cost of adult fares; however, in order to qualify for a student fare, you must have a full-time student card. If you don't want to buy tickets every time you travel, you can purchase a Go card. This card allows you to pre-load money which can then be used to pay for your journey. Go card fares are 20 percent cheaper than adult and student fares.

Brisbane offers a bicycle hire service with hire stations found all over the city. The Bicentennial Bikeway is a beautiful ride along the river, and can take you right through the city.