Professor Tod Kippin
Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
University of California, Santa Barbara

Title: "There’s an Ap(tamer) for that!  A generalizable biosensor platform for evolving pharmacological and neuroscience research"

Abstract: Drug and neuronal action involve myriad extracellular chemicals that undergo dynamic, often rapid, concentration fluctuations. While ex vivo methods enable tracking these changes such techniques offer limited temporal resolution and lack real-time monitoring. Conversely, electrochemical methods offer high temporal resolution as well as real-time measurements but are currently limited in the molecules that can be measured. Here, I will describe the electrochemical aptamer-based biosensor platform that is capable of versatile measurements of a wide variety of molecules while also providing high temporal resolution and real-time measurements. Our group has employed this technique to improve methodology for pharmacological analyses, including establishing feed-back control of drug concentration in living subjects. We are also currently evolving the platform to operate in brain to measure both drugs and endogenous molecules.  


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