Speaker : 

A/Professor Zachary Knight
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, San Francisco

Title: "The Neurobiology of Homeostasis"

Abstract: Our research investigates the neural mechanisms that govern hunger and thirst. Nearly a century ago, lesioning studies suggested that these fundamental drives originate from subcortical structures such as hypothalamus that are specialized for monitoring internal state. However the structure and dynamics of the underlying neural circuits has been poorly defined. I will discuss our work using calcium imaging to record the natural activity of some of the key cell types that control eating and drinking in vivo. We have discovered that these homeostatic neurons receive sensory information from the outside world, which they use predict impending physiologic changes and adjust behavior preemptively. I will discuss our work investigating how these homeostatic circuits integrate external sensory cues with internal signals arising from the  body in order to generate and shape goal-directed behaviors.



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