Speaker :

A/Professor Jeremy Dittmann

Cornell Medical School, New York, USA

Title: “Molecular Control of Synaptic Vesicle Fusion”

Abstract: Our research group uses a combination of physiology, genetics, imaging, and biochemistry to dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic transmission.  In particular, we study presynaptic function in C. elegans as a model nervous system with a focus on the core secretory machinery at the synapse such as SNAREs, Munc18, Munc13, and Complexin.  Studies from our lab and in collaboration with David Eliezer’s group  at Weill Cornell have unveiled a novel curvature-sensing domain in Complexin that is required for proper localization and inhibitory function.  Recent work on the essential synaptic protein Munc13 has revealed critical mechanistic features in the processes of vesicle priming and fusion.

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