The 2018 Merson lecture will be presented by the current Australian of the Year, Professor Michelle Simmons. This event will be on the evening of Wednesday 24 October and will be presented in conjunction with Quantum Gates, Jumps and Measurements, a conference in honour of the scientific contributions of Professor Gerard J. Milburn (School of Mathematics and Physics).

Lecture Title: The Future of Computing

Down-scaling has been the leading paradigm of the semiconductor industry since the invention of the first transistor in 1947. However, miniaturization will soon reach the ultimate limit, set by the discreteness of matter, leading to intensified research in alternative approaches for creating logic devices. This talk will discuss the development of a radical new technology for creating atomic-scale devices which is opening a new frontier of research in electronics globally. A quantum computer will exploit the laws of physics at very small dimensions to provide an exponential speed up in processing power that promises to revolutionise industries dependent on data.

Speaker Bio: Michelle Simmons

Professor Michelle Simmons is a pioneer in quantum computing based at the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, at the University of New South Wales and is the 2018 Australian of the Year.  She has developed unique technologies to build the World’s first electronic devices in silicon at the atomic scale, creating a new field of atomic electronics. Her team is now leading the global race to develop a silicon-based quantum computer.  She is Editor-in-Chief of Nature Quantum Information, is the 2017 L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Asia-Pacific Laureate in the Physical Sciences and in July this year was admitted to the Royal Society of London.


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About The Merson Lecture

The annual lecture is named in honour of Dr David Merson, who supported the series in order to promulgate the best neuroscience research and what it has to offer the community in the future. It is given by a prominent, internationally leading neuroscientist whose research is of relevance to laboratories at QBI.

Dr Merson is the founder and ex-CEO of Mincom Limited. Since retiring, he has become director of a range of organisations and charitable institutions. He is a member of QBI’s Advisory Board and was the inaugural Chair of the QBI Development Board. His philanthropic sponsorship of this lecture is indicative of a strong community interest in neuroscience and the inspiring research that is being done in the area of neurological and mental diseases. 



QBI Building (#79), St Lucia Campus
Level 7 Auditorium