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Have you ever wondered what's going on in the brain of a great jazz musician as they create new music?

Musical improvisation is a skill that draws on many parts of the brain, and is also related to creativity in other domains. In a unique event, QBI brings together legendary jazz pianist Jason Rebello with neuroscientist Professor Geoff Goodhill to explore what we know about musical creativity from both neuroscientific and personal perspectives. Be ready to be stimulated both musically and intellectually.

Jason Rebello is a leading jazz pianist from the UK who originally shot to fame in the jazz world, playing with jazz legends such as Wayne Shorter. His phenomenal talents then became more widely known when he spent 10 years touring the world first with Sting and then Jeff Beck. Besides appearing on the Sting albums Brand New Day, All This Time and Sacred Love he has also recorded many of his own albums, including in 2016 the solo project Held.

Professor Geoff Goodhill is a neuroscientist who studies how the brain works from a computational perspective, particularly how it wires up in response to experience. A keen amateur musician, he has a long-standing interest in how neuroscience can enrich our understanding of the processes of musical improvisation.

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About Jazzing Up the Brain

This amazing event showcases world-class musician Jason Robello on keys while Professor Geoff Goodhill discusses the neuroscience behind musical improvisation. Come and join us to discover the language of jazz and neurons.


Queensland Brain Institute, Building 79, St Lucia, QLD 4072, Australia
Level 7 Auditorium