Professor Bryan Mowry

Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland

Title: Genetic analyses of schizophrenia in Tamil Nadu, India

Schizophrenia is highly polygenic. Genome-wide association studies (GWAS), primarily in European datasets have begun to dissect the underlying genetic complexity, so far identifying over 100 schizophrenia-associated loci. Other major world populations also warrant intensive study. Our schizophrenia GWAS has been conducted in a sample of Tamil ancestry individuals from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This sample consists of schizophrenia families and unrelated cases and controls, and demonstrates characteristics that may be beneficial for genetic analysis. We observed a genome-wide significant association between schizophrenia and a chromosome 8q locus. European polygenic risk scores predicted schizophrenia in our Indian sample. We further investigated the regulatory effects of our top association signal, with bioinformatic analyses highlighting one gene for functional testing in Indian cell lines and in zebrafish. We are also conducting a whole exome study of Indian families, aiming to identify mutations; an update on progress in this study will be presented. Studying the genetics of schizophrenia in such populations should enrich our understanding of the global impact of this disorder. We further provide evidence for genome-wide sharing of common genetic variation for schizophrenia between Europe and India.

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