Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel AO Dr Alan Finkel, AO, Chief Scientist of Australia

Title: Getting ahead

The brain is the most complex machine in the known universe. More than any other organ, it defines our destiny – and delivers our future. It is humanity’s last and greatest science frontier.

The time is ripe for a bold Australian ambition: backed by strategy, driven by technology and achieved through collaboration.

Join Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel for a perspective on Australia’s place in the brain’s golden age.

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About The Merson Lecture

The annual lecture is named in honour of Dr David Merson, who supported the series in order to promulgate the best neuroscience research and what it has to offer the community in the future. It is given by a prominent, internationally leading neuroscientist whose research is of relevance to laboratories at QBI.

Dr Merson is the founder and ex-CEO of Mincom Limited. Since retiring, he has become director of a range of organisations and charitable institutions. He is a member of QBI’s Advisory Board and was the inaugural Chair of the QBI Development Board. His philanthropic sponsorship of this lecture is indicative of a strong community interest in neuroscience and the inspiring research that is being done in the area of neurological and mental diseases. 



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